Human Touch:

Changed the name of the company (formerly Interactive Health) and completely rebranded the company to Human Touch

Completely revised packaging, use and care manuals and web presentations of all products

Developed a powerful direct marketing campaign via infomercial

Developed a powerful public relations campaign with major exposure on TV shows and in movies, as well as numerous major magazine gift guides

Through extensive viral marketing, took the website from obscurity on the web to #8 in google search

Continually looked to improve SEO

R&D / Intellectual Property


Human Touch:

Worked with 2 major manufacturing sources; Daito in China and Manica Thai in Thailand.

Personally made 23 trips to China and 10 trips to Thailand during a 6 year period between 2002 and 2008.  The trips were made to supervise “hands on” the manufacture of HT products.  Each of the visits was a working session geared to improve costs, timing and quality.

Responsible for product development, including direct supervision of all aspects of product design and manufacturing. 

Developed and brought to market over 60 new products over a 6 year period

Supervised the development of leading edge technology that created a distinct differentiation between Human Touch massage chairs and the competition.

Protected IP with multiple patents.

I believe in defending patents and the company recently won a patent infringement lawsuit.


“...Craig combined his vast business and retail experience with his product development engineering and manufacturing insight and applied this powerful combination to develop a sound and extremely cost effective business model and to bring a number of innovative products to the marketplace.

Conversely, Craig freely shared his vast business experiences with me, which in turn, allowed me to develop products not only fulfilling company needs, but as an additional benefit for me personally developing products with a high degree of understanding of the business behind the products. Craig is a well liked, fair and very effective executive manager with a high degree of ethics and with broad knowledge across the entire spectrum of many different disciplines of consumer goods products...”

-Hans Dehli, Sr Vice President, R&D Engineering for Human Touch, LLC.