Building and Motivating the Organization


Inspiration and Style

Relationships, whether with customers, employees, employers or investors, are developed and strengthened by my consistent day-to-day work style.  I give clear and concise communication regarding direction and objectives.  I have an internal confidence meter that allows me to be comfortable in one-to-one interactions or addressing small or large groups.  I am a teacher as well as a motivator.


“In my experience it is a unique situation when a former store manager is given the opportunity to offer up his thoughts on someone who had been president of the company they both served.  The fact this opportunity has been given to me says much about Craig Womack and the relationship of trust and respect he fosters with those who have reported to him.  I was with The Sharper Image from 1986 to early 2008 and for much of that time I had the privilege of working with Craig.  My initial impression was that he had impressive communication skills.  Persuasive and yet direct, precisely worded and carefully modulated to fit both situation and audience.  This impression was confirmed for me many times over and along with it I came to regard him as a person of keen intelligence, ready wit and sound judgment.  Forward thinking and yet practical in the best sense of the word, Craig was, for many of us, the steady, clear-eyed man at the helm, the one we could trust to keep us safe when others had turned our company into uncharted waters.

But perhaps the one situation that for me stands out the most during the time we both were at The Sharper Image was the time Craig and I were the only ones in an elevator taking us to the top floor of the Westin St. Francis hotel, on our way to a company gathering.  I ventured to bring up the subject of what I felt was a failing experiment in extended hours at my store.  Other members of upper management I had tried to discuss this with had essentially cut me off, unwilling to hear what I had to say.  Craig asked me what I felt was the best thing for my store and the company and then he listened.  A few questions later he reached a decision that helped my store regain some of the profitability it had lost during the past several months.  It made a tremendous difference to know that the man in whom I placed so much trust also trusted me.  It is a leadership trait I have tried to emulate ever since.”

-Alan Hutcheson, The Container Store, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have known Craig for over two decades and had the pleasure of working directly with him for 13 years at The Sharper Image.  When we met, the company was beginning its expansion into the retail sector with four retail locations.  Through Craig’s leadership, we built a successful and highly respected multi-channel retail company known for innovative products and extraordinary customer service.

Craig is a true professional who possesses the most desirable qualities of an executive today, leadership and vision.  Craig is a master of the three core processes of execution; people, strategy, and operations.  His management style is indicative of these disciplines allowing him to consistently deliver upon multiple complex goals.  In addition, his tenacious follow through and natural sense of accountability is responsible for his “gets the job done” reputation.

Craig is also a great mentor and coach.  I owe much of my success to the skills that I developed while working under his leadership.  Craig sets high standards, challenges others to excel, and never forgets to appreciate the efforts of others.  He has a unique ability to get the best out of people that sets him apart from his peers.

I have the highest respect and admiration for Craig.  He is an outstanding leader who will make an immediate positive impact for any organization.  And, I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with Craig again in the future.”

-Brian R. Pack, Former Regional VP - West, The Sharper Image