Human Touch:


major D2C customers (vitalityweb.com; homeofficesolutions.com; healthyback.com; relaxtheback.com; costco.com)

Smith & Hawken:

20 million catalogs annually

200 seat call center

The Sharper Image:

90 million catalogs annually

300 seat call center

Pioneered selling on the web



Traditional Retail

Smith & Hawken:

started with 28 stores - opened 17 stores in 18 months

The Sharper Image:

started with 4 stores - opened 100 over a 13 year period


started with 110 stores - opened 150 stores in 6 years

The Gap:

started with 6 stores - directly responsible for opening 50 stores

-robust and profitable growth in every company

-direct responsibilities at The Sharper Image and Smith & Hawken included all aspects of the retail growth cycle:

    finding the locations

    negotiating and signing the leases

    managing the build-out

    supervision of the hiring and training process

    responsibility for the results



Human Touch:

major distribution partners in Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Israel

The Sharper Image:

licensees in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Japan

My professional work experience started with an entry level store management job at The Gap in 1971, grew to several Senior Executive level jobs including 13 years at The Sharper Image where I received several promotions and held the position of COO & President, and most recently I held the role of CEO at Human Touch (a $100+ million dollar manufacturer and global distributor of robotic massage chairs.)