“...The Womack Magic: the ability to recognize and mentor talent; to make every individual feel like a vital part of the whole; to inspire each individual to work tirelessly, while encouraging out-of-the-box thinking; to set lofty goals that encourage both individual and corporate growth; to feel deeply connected to and have the utmost respect for the company and the individuals within it; and finally to inspire absolute, unbridled loyalty and integrity in others by exhibiting those same qualities in oneself...”    more

-D. Michael Hamm,

Director, Back Care Division; Human Touch, LLC.

“...Craig hired me to perform a recruiting project at Smith & Hawken...The fact that I assisted in the sourcing and selection of store management and sales staff is not the lesson, but rather the feedback I received from every district and regional manager with whom I interacted.  Each one, without exception, told me that in the few months Craig had been COO, they had gotten a renewed sense of confidence in their company and its (and their) ability to succeed.  They sincerely believed Craig was a true advocate who understood their business and could be counted on for support in return for their commitment to work smart and hard with him to achieve success...The ability of an executive to engender this attitude, in such a short period of time, is a sign of a real leader....” more

-David J. Rossi

Account Executive, Gallagher Benefit Services, INC.

“...Craig is a true professional who possesses the most desirable qualities of an executive today, leadership and vision. Craig is a master of the three core processes of execution; people, strategy, and operations...allowing him to consistently deliver upon multiple complex goals. In addition, his tenacious follow through and natural sense of accountability is responsible for his “gets the job done” reputation.

Craig is also a great mentor and coach. I owe much of my success to the skills that I developed while working under his leadership. Craig sets high standards, challenges others to excel, and never forgets to appreciate the efforts of others. He has a unique ability to get the best out of people that sets him apart from his peers...”    more

-Brian Pack

Former Regional VP – West, The Sharper Image

“...I reported directly to Craig during my tenure at Human Touch. I found him to be a visionary leader and strategic thinker. I was impressed how quickly he was able to grasp business and marketing issues and provide direction and solutions. He has a deep understanding of marketing, branding, merchandising and retailing. He was an excellent mentor to me, and helped me to broaden my thinking and approach toward marketing opportunities and understanding of the consumer...”    more

-Rich Jorgensen

Former CMO,  Human Touch, LLC.


“...In twenty-plus years of working with managers, executives and leaders from all sectors of business and industry, our role has allowed me to view many personalities and leadership styles. Few have left such a positive impression the way that Craig Womack has.

It is rare to see such an experienced and seasoned executive with the energy and passion for his business that Craig Womack exhibited. Craig’s deep history and knowledge in the retail sector along with his energy and intellectual curiosity was both unique and refreshing.

Craig also showed confidence with new technology. He was very comfortable with exploring new or emerging uses of media and applying them to the web. It illustrated the fact that he is not a mired in “what worked before”, but rather “how can what worked before be applied to make this work better”. Craig’s leadership style, personality and actions inspired great respect and loyalty from those that worked with him. The “Womack Factor” permeated many levels at Human Touch and even more telling, continued when he was no longer there...”    more

-Darren Angus

IVC Digital Media, INC.

“...His strengths (to me) are outlined below:

  1. Goals. He commands both the understanding of the top down and bottoms up needs of the business. This is relative to insure that the company establishes appropriate “big”, “long term” goals along with the need of the detail infrastructure to achieve the goals. His has a very clear strength in establishing these goals.

  1. Communication. Along with his ability in establishing very clear goals for sales, growth, expense control and operations comes the need for communication and delivering them to the company. With Craig, no one was uncertain about the company goals or their individual part in them and their responsibility to achieve them. And the goals worked!

  1. Training. In order for people to be successful they must have the necessary skill set for their function. With the right people in place, he insured that training was developed, implemented and monitored for all associates to have a chance for success. This inevitably allows for a company’s success.

  1. Growth of People. When a foundation of clear goals, training and commitment to excellence is in place, then people can grow. One of the most proud statistics with The Sharper Image was the internal promotion rate of corporate and store management positions; it was 80%.

  1. Leadership. This is the greatest of his attributes. He has a presence  with the people that he works with. His knowledge of the business establishes trust. His ability to effectively deliver the needed message keeps an organization moving and breeds success. He recognizes when flexibility is needed to achieve goals and he has the ability to manage complex operations over many areas...”    more

-Richard W. Mueller

Vice President Planning, Allocation and Replenishment,

The Sports Authority