Ready to Lead!


“...Craig is a polished, strategic business leader with exceptional Marketing and Sales aptitude, combined with outstanding Operations and Management

capabilities...with clearly communicated and attainable business objectives and hands on assistance and support to ensure objectives were reached. Craig had an eye for detail and had the unique ability to find creative solutions to complicated operational obstacles. His analytical skills and insight allowed him to challenge people in a way that resulted in improved performance and better decision making.

Craig always set out to do “The Right Thing” even when things were difficult, unclear, or when there was pressure to take shortcuts.

He led with integrity and never lost his connection with the front-line business and the customer value propostion.

His knowledge and experience gave him insights that less experienced people would likely struggle to attain. He was very direct in his communication (a good thing) but behind his direct style was a commitment to people that was deeply rooted...Craig was a supportive, caring, and organized CEO who achieved exceptional business results...”

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Ila Barot-Oldakowski

Former Director of Marketing

Human Touch, LLC.


“...While Craig enabled, supported, and coached his team to drive progress, he was adept at inserting himself when either business conditions or his experience warranted a tweak.

...he was consistently accessible and supportive of talking through new ideas, pressure testing old ones, and supporting decision-makers where necessary...”

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Mark Shaughnessy

Former COO

Human Touch, LLC.


“...What most inspired me working with Craig was his enthusiasm and hard work to accomplish whatever challenges were asked of him and instilling this enthusiasm and work ethic in his staff. He always dealt with daily issues immediately, never putting anything off until tomorrow. He faced every challenge head-on and didn’t file it away until it was accomplished. He was the most organized person I knew. He expected from others his work ethic, and inspired many to take on that trait. We worked many long and tiring hours, but Craig’s enthusiasm and sense of humor, inserted at just the right time, made the team eager to accomplish his expectations. Craig was always a team player and surrounded himself with people who he felt could accomplish his and the company’s goals..”

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Kathy Trujillo

Retired Executive Assistant,

The Sharper Image


“Craig is, in a word, a leader. In working with him for nearly a decade, I learned what it means to tackle adverse situations with honesty, drive, and dedication. He is unflappable, completely honest in his assessments of opportunities, and he shows he can “walk the walk” as well as espouse good advice...I watched Craig Womack lead a company of over 1000 people, motivate every single one of them and still have the energy to personally coach myself and so many others on how to be a business leader. I’ve seen Craig repeat this formula for success, at multiple companies, in multiple roles. Every time, the company he comes into becomes far better than before he got there. He applies a no-nonsense assessment and blends it with a focused goal on success; others around him are irrepressibly swept up in the passion, the drive, and the proven track record of exceeding all expectations...”

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Joshua Tretakoff

Founder, EVP Services

Loyalty Lab, INC.

“...Craig’s leadership style, personality and actions inspired great respect and loyalty from those that worked with him. The “Womack Factor” permeated many levels at Human Touch and even more telling, continued when he was no longer there...”

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Darren Angus

IVC Digital Media, INC.


“The Power” of Performance...with the inspiration for people to push themselves so that they can grow, contribute and achieve.

In my work experience, I have been through extraordinary company growth cycles, extraordinary economic cycles and extraordinary retail concept cycles. Through every cycle, I have been resilient, productive, flexible and have found a way to win.

My management style is: “don’t micro-manage, but don’t ignore.” I inspire people to take responsibility for their results and their development. I recruit and find people with talent and guide them to set tangible goals and find a way to get there.

I have the drive, desire, knowledge, experience and work ethic to provide leadership and deliver results.