Darren Angus

IVC Digital Media, INC.

Timothy Bush

Former Sales Director,

Major US Retail/Internet

Human Touch LLC.

Federico de Bellegarde

Vice President, Licensing,

The Sharper Image

New York

Hans Dehli

Sr. VP, R&D Engineering,

Human Touch LLC.

Steven A. Draper

Retired, Founder and CEO,

California Furniture Rental Corp.

Nick Gibbons

Former Managing Director,

International Division

Human Touch LLC.

Cheri Ginsberg

Former VP

Retail Operations

The Sharper Image

D. Michael Hamm

Director, Back Care Division

Human Touch LLC.

Art Hasan Esq.


Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP.

Pasadena, CA

Alan Hutcheson

Former Store Manager

The Sharper Image, Phoenix

John Jenkin

Wesnational Project Management

Rich Jorgensen

Former CMO,

Human Touch LLC.

Masaki Kagano

Owner, M Creations, INC.


Richard W. Mueller

VP Planning, Allocation, and Replenishment,

The Sports Authority

Woody Nelson

VP, Marketing Communications

The Arbor Day Foundation

Ila Barot-Oldakowski

Former Director of Marketing

Human Touch LLC.

Brian R. Pack

Former Regional VP - West,

The Sharper Image

Jon D. Pheils


Stein & Lubin LLP.

San Francisco, CA

David Potter

VP of Design

Human Touch LLC.

Rick Rinaldo

Former CFO,

Smith & Hawken

David Rossi

Account Executive

Gallagher Benefit Services, INC.

Jonathan Schoenberg

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Mark Shaughnessy

Former COO,

Human Touch LLC.

Marilyn Snider


Snider and Associates

Ann Tarrel

Former Executive Assistant,

Smith & Hawken

Former Mgr of Real Estate

The Sharper Image

Josh Tretakoff

Founder, EVP Services

Loyalty Lab, INC.

Kathy Trujillo

Retired Executive Assistant

The Sharper Image

Brad White


Midnight Pass, INC.

Joe Williams

Former CSO and EVP,

The Sharper Image

Gianni Zullo

Linea In




Al Frank

Senior Partner

Deloitte & Touche

Los Angeles, CA

Richard Thalheimer

Former Founder, Chairman and CEO,

The Sharper Image

Tracy Wan

Former President & COO

The Sharper Image