Results and Vision


“...Craig commands both the understanding of the top down and bottoms up needs of the business.

...He has a presence with the people that he works with. His knowledge of the business establishes trust. His ability to effectively deliver the needed message keeps an organization moving and breeds success. He recognizes when flexibility is needed to achieve goals and he has the ability to manage complex operations over many areas...”

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Richard W. Mueller

VP Planning, Allocation and Replenishment

The Sports Authority


“...What I experienced after joining the team was exactly what Craig had committed to leading - a substantial transition of the entire business, its operating processes and approach in pursuit of maximizing the team’s potential for success in a very challenging retail environment...”

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Mark Shaughnessy

Former COO

Human Touch, LLC.


Strategic Planning

“...In the 29 years I have been a strategic planning facilitator, I have never known anyone who better understood strategic thinking and the need for rigorous follow-up to ensure success.

...he had the ability to draw upon his excellent knowledge of the retail industry without limiting himself or others in looking at strategic ways to handle challenges...Craig has tireless enthusiasm, energy and vision that instill excitement in others...”

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Marilyn Snider


Snider and Associates

“...Craig is an extremely talented and visionary CEO. He is able to paint a picture of what he sees a company should be - and then organizes it to make it happen.

His management style allows broad decision making by his team, overlaid with close mentoring by Craig himself.

He is not a micro manager and focuses on the big picture and the key tasks to get the company to the strategic goals.

Craig is a strategist and pragmatist at the same time...a real asset to a company in fast changing circumstances - a perfect leader for the current difficult times...”

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Nick Gibbons

Former Managing Director,

International Division

Human Touch LLC.


“The ability” to grasp and react to the big picture, while being in touch with the underlying detail...sets the platform and delivers results!

Through all kinds of business cycles and business formats, the fundamentals remain the same and I am dedicated to delivering on those fundamentals:

-Drive Sales with Quality Brand and Products

-Dedicate the organization to Customer Acquisition and Customer Care

-Develop Unique Intellectual Property

-Develop a World Class Employee Base

-Lead with Inspiration, Integrity and Competency