Extensive Combination of Experience


I have compiled an extensive “body of experience” in retail, wholesale,  finance, merchandising, marketing, human resources, international sales, international distribution, product development and manufacturing.  The most rewarding measures of success for me have been the strength of the organizations that I have built; the development and promotion of hundreds of associates and colleagues; the aggressive yet sustainable growth rates of the companies that I have led and the substantial financial results that I have achieved.

I have had the unique opportunity to work with “start up” companies as well as hold key leadership roles in several fast growth and nationally known companies.

“...a visionary leader and strategic thinker... He has a deep understanding of marketing, branding, merchandising and retailing. He was an excellent mentor to me, and helped me to broaden my thinking and approach toward marketing opportunities and understanding of the consumer...

...Craig led the transformation of the company from Interactive Health, which was primarily a customer‐centric organization to Human Touch which became a consumer‐centric and brand focused organization. This included re‐positioning, target and segmentation development, brand name generation, etc...

...Craig is a strong leader who sets the vision and motivates the company to believe and follow. He is not only a generator of new ideas, but embraces new and innovative thinking. I have never known a CEO to be more in tune with technology and how to leverage it to make the company more efficient and competitive; how to integrate it into products; and how to exploit it in the marketplace...”

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Rich Jorgensen

Former CMO

Human Touch, LLC.

“...One of the most impressive aspects of my years working with Craig has been his ability to inspire and lead the people working under him to meet the challenges presented and to achieve results far in excess of expectations in a wide variety of corporate settings...”

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Jon D. Pheils

Attorney, Stein & Lubin, LLP.


Building and Motivating the Organization

Inspiration and Style

Financial and Legal Oversight

Human Resources

“...I have had the privilege of working with Craig Womack at three different companies during the past 30 years, and I can truly say that he has been one of the most, if not the most, influential mentors I’ve had throughout my career.  I attribute a great deal of my personal success to Craig’s extraordinary leadership and friendship...

...Craig built an incredible team of talented associates and developed excellent standards of operations for the organization, so it was no surprise that he was promoted to President...

...I cannot speak highly enough about Craig Womack.  He is an outstanding business leader with great passion, integrity and a good sense of humor...”

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Cheri Ginsberg

Former VP, Retail Operations

The Sharper Image

“...Craig’s deep-rooted knowledge regarding the ebb and flow of the retail pipeline led to a leadership style based on knowledge, trends and experience. 

It is exactly this style and command of presence that kept our sales teams pushing forward even in the toughest of times. Craig felt strongly there is no substitute for a lazar sharp knowledge and keen understanding of your customers and their specific needs....”

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Timothy Bush

Former Sales Director, Major U.S. Retail/Internet

Human Touch, LLC.

Driving Sales

Global Customers

Direct To Consumer

Traditional Retail

“...Craig possesses...a broad base of experience - depth of knowledge in business finance, sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, international business development and the use of technology in business...”

Dave Rossi

The Brand and Product


R & D /  Intellectual Property


A results oriented senior executive with extensive consumer products experience in the global retail and wholesale arena.

“...During Craig’s tenure, we developed a compelling business plan that was presented to bankers and potential venture capital investors. I witnessed first hand Craig’s ability to quickly learn a new industry, build on the foundation that had already been but into place and help position my company for the future...”

-Steven A. Draper, Retired Founder and CEO of California Furniture Rental Corp.